We have expertise in managing workforce across the manufacturing vertical and have implementation expertise for both in-house and contract labour. Understanding the statutory needs of the company and how it can be fulfilled through the software is where we can help. We can help reduce cost by reducing overtime and optimizing your workforce.

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Globally Workforce management continues to be one of the key drivers for growth for manufacturing industry. According to our research on top 10 Indian manufacturing companies, the selling general and administrative expenses (SG&A), constitutes 30% of their total revenue with major chunk going towards workforce management. This makes imperative for manufacturers to organise their operations efficiently to stay ahead of the game.

Key Differentiators for manufacturing workforce today are:

  • Having a scalable workforce
  • Getting flexibility in work assignment
  • Moving workforce from Transactional to Value Creation
  • Early detection of critical resource bottlenecks
  • Efficient and effective Workforce Forecasting

We at Onusworks provides wide range of solutions for your Manufacturing workforce which encompasses all key differentiators and can be easily customized as per your business and operational needs and can be seamlessly integrated with any infrastructure.

Onusworks delivery model and its vast experience in implementing workforce management solutions can help you meet your business and operational goals and make you future ready.


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